Restoration & Repairs

If you have a sculpture that has been damaged or is in need of some repair, simply send us a brief description and some images of the sculpture and we will be happy to assist you. Maybe you'd like a new patina, or even a fresh coat of wax can give your sculpture a new lease of life. We're here to help and can advise on all aspects of repair.

Please see below images of some, but not all restoration projects that we have completed:


Client Satisfaction 

"Dear all at Bronze Age,


I can not thank you enough for how magically & amazingly you mended my family ornament last year. I had lost my dad , then his ornament broke.. made me to feel that I lost him again!!

I was told that it was impossible to mend it as they were serious base pieces missing..! But you did it. You gave me back my father's ornament (Diana 1923).

Having Diana back in my lounge , makes me think of you every day and makes me smile. 


Thank you so much

Best regards