Welcome to the Bronze Age Sculpture Casting Foundry!

Welcome to Bronze Age Sculpture Casting Foundry, one of London′s largest established Bronze foundries. Experienced in all aspects of sculpture casting, we have been producing Fine Art Bronze sculpture using our highly experienced and friendly team since 1989. Regardless of the size of each project the same skills, techniques, and attention to detail are applied to ensure that you achieve the quality finish you need.

Our personal service has been developed to provide you with a wide range of sculptural services which include : Restoration, origination, scaling up, mould making, lost wax casting in Bronze or Aluminium, provision of Stone Bases & plinths, Patination, - as well as the final delivery & installation.

Based in the Docklands, by the Limehouse Basin, just a few steps away from the Thames and Canary Wharf, Bronze Age offers you the highest level of craftsmanship, which we can provide both on time and within budget. Bronze Age is also pleased to offer you free and impartial advice that can help you make the best choice to meet your commission and budget requirements, based on our many years of experience. Simply call or email our Manager, who with well over a decade serving the Fine Art Industry will be able and happy to assist you with any advice or assistance you may need.

Should you be looking to commission a private or public sculpture, our skills, expertise and market knowledge enable us to assist you with practical information and recommendations from our selection of experienced and talented artists.