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Patination is the final stage in the production of a bronze and often one of the most sensational and exciting stages.


The finishing of bronzes by applying a patina is mostly achieved using various combinations of different layers of chemicals with heat, to achieve the desired finish. This crucial stage transforms the bronze casting, enhancing and enriching the sculpture and truly bringing the sculpture to life. We feel it is essential at this stage to have you the artist, working with us so that we can be sure to achieve exactly the finish you require. We have working with us one of the top patination technicians in the country, who will be happy to advise and work with you in realising the finish you are looking to achieve.

There are almost endless options with regard to finish, and the tiles displayed are intended to give you some indication of some, but not all the possible patinas that are available. Please also view sculptures that we have completed in our online gallery listed above.


Patina Samples can be made to order and customised to your unique requirements -  here below is an indication that demonstrates just some of the diverse range of patina colours & styles available.

Patina Sample Bronze Age London
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