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The Pour

The bronze ingots are heated to approximately 1170 degrees centigrade in a furnace heated crucible.

The ceramic shells are supported with sand with their pouring cups exposed ready to receive the now liquid molten bronze. This is then poured into the cup, running down through the sprue feeders and into the void left by the wax in the ceramic shell.


The ceramic shell now filled with bronze is left to cool overnight, following which the ceramic shell is removed. This reveals an exact replica of the wax, including the feeder sprues and pouring cup. The bronze cup and sprue system are then rough fettled (cut off) and the chasing (metal finishing) begins.


Each pour we are able to pour half a tonne of bronze, and have the facility to cast large sections, minimising the amount of joins required and surface interference. We also have a separate unique method for pouring very small and detailed sculptures. Why not ask us about it!

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