Stephen Garrett Studios - Lady Luck

Stephen Garrett a rising contemporary artist, is at the forefront of current sculpture design, most recently demonstrated with “Lady Luck” - his latest sculptural piece created for a casino room entrance on board a ship. The figure with its unique and intricate design, will create a stunning showpiece for guests as they make their way through to the games rooms. She stands enwrapped in Stephens’ Rococo style relief bronze casting, which delicately weaves around and embraces the beautiful female form. Earlier this year he created and cast in bronze the “Beast” sculpture, a giant standing bear, whose ‘fur’ was again formed from the artists trade mark elaborate Rococo relief detail – this piece was selected and awarded as winner of the seventh annual Restaurant & Bar Design Award.

A number of traditional and contemporary processes were used in the production of Lady Luck. The sculpture began as a series of original illustrations, which were 3D-mapped and modelled in the studio. A mixture of 3D printing and clay work to produce a master, each element of which was then transformed into bronze using the entirely hand crafted process of lost wax casting, before being delicately welded and fitted around the Graphite resin female form to stunning effect.

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