HSBC - Lions

In 2002 Bronze Age were commissioned to reproduce a pair of existing bronze Lion castings, originally sculpted by W F Wagstaff, situated outside HSBC’s headquarters in Hong Kong. These fine castings which had been sited in Shanghai since 1935, according to a popular legend, ensure good fortune for any passer by who touches the teeth of the open mouthed lion…. Following moulding on site in Shanghai, the first pair of replica castings produced by Bronze Age can now be found directly outside HSBC headquarter in Canary Wharf. We have also produced subsequent castings for various other HSBC branches including HSBC Mexico and Massachusetts.

No doubt a sign of the current recession…. HSBC Vancouver, Canada more recently, requested a half size version of these lions, which are currently being produced. To achieve this Bronze Age arranged for the previously cast lions at Canary Wharf to be laser scanned on site and a new original produced at the reduced scale by CNC machine. This new scale original has then been moulded and cast in Bronze.

The photo you see is of the full scale replicas cast and located at HSBC Canary Wharf, London.

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