You no longer need to worry and stress about getting your sculptures cast in time to meet photographers limited time slots, way in advance of your exhibition dates, or at the eleventh hour before your exhibition...there is also no need to have the extra expense of transporting your sculptures to their studio and then on to your gallery or end customer - this can now all be done with ease within the foundry studio facilities.


We are pleased to offer a competitive and high quality photography service within our photography studio, here on the foundry site. To complete our package of services available to you, we are able to offer a wide range of photography backdrops.  After your initial consultation with our in-house photographer, to discuss position, backdrop and lighting effects, we also include one to one image editing before presenting you with our customised Bronze Age plug in to take away with your selection of images.  The images can be supplied at different resolutions to suit your printing or publication needs. This service is affordable enough also to enable you to keep a quality documented image reference of your sculpture and the finish applied, so you have a reference to use within your own portfolio - or for as and when you decide to produce further castings in the future.


Please contact us for more details on our Photography Service.

Thomas Merrett