Discover the art of Bronze Casting and how this semi-precious copper alloy has enriched human history through to the present day. At Bronze Age we offer a rare selection of educational events throughout the year, ranging from  comprehensive semiars, workshops and events.

"No doubt this will be one of the most memorable classes in their degree programmes." 

Dr Will Wootton, King's College London


"Engaging. We were all thrilled to see this incredible process first-hand." 

Ann Starnbach, Harvard Art Museums


Alexander Lumsden 

Head of Education

0207 538 1388





"Many thanks to Alex and Bronze Age for giving us a fantastic insight into contemporary bronze casting. The workshop, brilliantly led by Alex, took us through the complete process from mould making through wax working, the application of the ceramic shell, the pour and the subsequent chasing and patination. At each stage Bronze Age's expert team took time out to explain what they were doing and how it fitted with what came before and what would come after. The students found the whole experience hugely valuable as it brought casting to life in a way that is not possible otherwise. I have no doubt that this will be one of the most memorable classes in their degree programmes. This is our second visit and we will certainly be coming again. I highly recommend it."

Dr Will Wootton

Senior Lecturer in Roman Art

King's College London


"Thank you for sharing so much and introducing our supporters to the fascinating world of bronze casting. You have such a warm way of engaging everyone and we were all thrilled to see this incredible process firsthand. As you know, explorations about art-making, materials, and techniques are central to our own teaching mission at the Harvard Art Museums so this visit was particularly resonant and important. Seeing just how many incredibly skilled hands and minds are behind the bronze sculptures we see in the public realm couldn’t have underscored this idea any more clearly."

Ann Starnbach

Director of the Fellows Program

Harvard Art Museums