Hallmarking for Bronze


First Ever Licensed Bronzechain Foundry

Bronze Age Foundry is the first foundry in the UK to adopt and champion a revolutionary bronze hallmarking scheme licensed by DACS which, for the first time in the history of bronze casting, aims to authenticate genuine bronze. 

   Revolutionary Hallmarking Scheme Authenticates Bronze 



The new bronze mark, featuring a bull’s head and chain-link, refers not only to the strength and durability of genuine bronze, but also to a chain of provenance. Each artwork bearing the mark will be registered on the blockchain via Verisart - the leading digital certification platform for visual arts. The technical details of each sculpture will be recorded,  making the creation and handling of bronzes more transparent. 

“We are delighted to be the first foundry to be licensed by DACS to use the Bronzechain hallmark” says Calvin Gomes, manager at Bronze Age Foundry. “It is our aim to help see the scheme adopted by all of the fine-art foundries in the UK and for artists casting their work in bronze to champion its use”.

Mark Waugh, Business Development at DACS, said: “Bronzechain unties three powerful elements to support authentication of genuine bronze sculpture: a new hallmark, blockchain certification and a DACS license for use. We are delighted to welcome Bronze Age, as the first foundry to license the mark for use on fine art sculptures. 

The scheme is now being promoted to fine-art foundries throughout the UK, who are encouraged to register with DACS to obtain a license to use the hallmark. 

For further information or images, please contact: info@bronzeage.co.uk

 Hallmarking Bronze

Bronzechain: A revolutionary new bronze hallmarking process

Bronzechain: A revolutionary new bronze hallmarking process